Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Larboard Side

Started earlier today to avoid heat and some winds that were supposed to kick up in the afternoon.  Spent part of the morning ripping away wet, delaminated wood.  The stuff is like tearing into dried leaves.
Literally, cardboard would be stronger.
Then we spent the next two hours getting the remaining membrane up on the port side, cutting the windows through, etc.  Now we just have to cut and paint the battens and get them on and that'll be done.  The Starboard side isn't quite as bad, but we'll probably tie into that next week.

Larboard side with the membrane all in place.  OOooOooohh, Shiny!
So now it's off to shopping and then awaiting our ritual afternoon thunderstorm, which is apparently the new normal around here.

More later,


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