Monday, September 5, 2016

Beginning Winter Prep

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, it's just barely September, but trust me, December is a lousy time to be working on a boat.  So, baring that in mind, we've been doing some of the things we've had in mind for a while.  We've replaced part of the forward deck with planking instead of the plywood (which was becoming, um. . .penetrable. . ).  And today we rebuilt one of the fore interior walls on the Starboard side.
New siding, new insulation, new foil layer. . .

So with more insulation and a stouter wall on the north side, hopefully this will help our. . .um. . . winter experience.  Next up, replacing the tufftex window on the starboard side and finishing the outer membrane.

New wall suitable for shelving and artwork.
Magellan, as usual, prefers to just stay on the Web.
I have a vast web empire which I monitor psychically....rather like Edgar Cayce.

Please stand back, the energy discharge can damage cell phones. . . . 

More stuff tomorrow.  Hey, new site on self sufficiency at, also new things over at Life, Art, Water, and new deals on our books at  Check em out.


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