Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cider update

A bit of a Cider update:  It's been nearly two weeks now, and we strained off the fruit and racked the cider into a new container, adding a bit more sugar.  Showing 4.59%  ABV on the hydrometer.  Tastes wonderful.  Will rack again over the weekend and bottle.

Love doing stuff for ourselves.

And, as an update to the update:  (Dec. 1 now) Been a couple of days, and the Cider has stopped it's second fermentation (which was really energetic), so we've racked it off into a couple of growlers (with a bit of sugar to give it a bit of fizz) and a carafe for immediate consumption as a still Scrumpy.  Showing 6.56 % ABV now.  Yay!

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