Monday, March 6, 2017

The Interior Comes Together

We've been using this current cold snap (epoxy doesn't like the cold much) to put the interior of the boat back together.  The inside of the old CAL 2-29 hull was all teak, but it had pretty much been disassembled by the previous owner who, mercifully, kept most of the parts.  So for most of the last two days we've been re-installing the pieces we had and fabricating those we didn't.

We made a nice, new countertop from some cabinet grade ply and got the sink re-installed.
There had also been a well-type ice box built into the counter that had been ripped away.  We used that space to put in some shelving for pots and pans.
When you cook with cast iron, it needs a solid place to hide.

Then there was the matter of the head.  The old blackwater system had been removed, but I had to build a platform for the new composting head.
The new composting head will sit here.  The space behind the partition at top once held the blackwater tank.  It'll now be storage
All in all a pretty productive day.  Now we'll oil the teak and make it pretty.  If you'd like to help us with the poject, stop by our indiegogo page here and show us some love.  15 days left.

More shortly


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