Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mungo and the Sunny Day

It's been kind of frustrating lately due to the cold weather.  I really like to tell you guys about all the things we've been doing, but, frankly, of late, mostly what we've been doing is trying to stay warm and dry.

Today, though was amazing.  The temps spiked into the low 60's, there was no wind, the sun was shining.. . . .in our enclosed wheelhouse, the temperatures were in the mid-70's.  We took the opportunity to go hiking at Marshy Point Nature Center, one of our favorite spots.

Marshy Point is one of those little gems hidden away in Chase, MD.  It has a great nature center, miles of hiking trails, and a passel of programs for adults and kids year round.  Here's some cool shots of the Ice on the upper part of Dundee Creek, strange patterns made by the currents before they froze.

So we've got a few weeks of weirdly warm weather in the forecast, daytime temps in the 40's or 50's, which is. . .well. . .just wrong for the end of January.  Not complaining, mind you.

In coming weeks we'll be adding additional battery power and finally installing our electric drive.  Feels nice to be able to feel my fingers.



  1. Good project. I am interested in your ideas on battery and also what drive you are installing. Is there a link to a page on this?

    1. I'll be doing up a full parts list and installation pix as we get into the full install. As I want to replace our aging battery bank first, that'll be probably about a month, but I promise workable details. M