Saturday, January 19, 2019

an unexpected benefit

If you read the last post, you'll know we've recently added a compact dehumidifier to the mix, and we just encountered a rather unthought of benefit there.  Yes, the boat is slowly drying out, but that's not it.

One of the pains in the butt in winter is:  the dock water is shut off to keep the pipes from freezing.  That means I have to drag containers of water down to the boat to refill the water tank by hand, not my fave.  For the last few weeks or so, though, the tank has been getting empty less often, and we couldn't figure out why.  I mean, we're using the same amount of water to do dishes, etc., right?
Eurgreen compact compressor dehumidifier

The difference has been that we'd taken to dumping the water bin of the dehumidifier into the washwater basin.  The water may have a bit of dust, but it's essentially distilled water, and fine for washing stuff.  Tallying up how much that amounted to, it's been around a gallon a day, all told, which has made a significant difference in how much water I've had to drag down an icy dock.

So, for winter at least, my plans of just piping the condensate into the sink or the bilge have been changed.  That water is too valuable to waste.

Just another little lesson learned.

more shortly


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