Saturday, September 17, 2022

The hull truth and nothing but the truth

 Today with a lot of cursing and sweating, we got the sides upright and got the stringers--most of them, anyway--screwed and glued into position.

framing the side

Levelling the beast was amazingly simpler than I'd anticipated.  A couple of plywood scraps under the blocks and we were home free.

Beginning to look quite a bit more boat-like.

With any of these structures there's this weird point where your wanky carpentry suddenly goes from wobbly to rock solid.  I can never anticipate where that moment is, but I'm always gratified to see it.  In this build, it was about the fifth stringer in when the boat stopped swaying while we were working on it.

I was also pleased to discover that--the gods knoweth how--the thing is a uniform 8 feet all the way down the hull.  I knew sacrificing that chicken was a good idea.  Ha!  And you all laughed!

Tomorrow, naproxin willing, we will begin to actually sheath the hull.  That will be immensely satisfying.

More later.  I've a chilled bottle of Verdejo awaiting me.


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