Monday, May 5, 2014

A stack of plywood.

See, it's a stack of plywood:

It also represents the entire day's work.  Not impressive?  They all had to be measured, cut, some of them painted, tried in place, recut, filed, trimmed, pleaded with, bought chocolate, and finally covered to get them out of the rain this evening.  All in all, it was a load of stuff that had to be done.

First of all, we got all the curves for the vardo roof cut:

There are six of em, and all had to get a couple of coats of paint before they go up.

We also cut and installed the last of the floor panels:
....which makes working on the boat a little

As always, the wood has been crappola, madly warped in a number of directions.  Hopefully staples, screws, and glue will make it behave.

But this is what pleases me the most:  Take a look at the frame (under threatening skies).  This will, hopefully, be the very last time you'll see it unclad, unfilled, and unskinned.

So, sadly, today produced few dramatic photos, but a LOT of things that needed doing.  Tomorrow the loft goes up, and, with some luck, all of the roof supports to make the beast ready for the roof membrane.  

Wow, do my hands hurt.  Stay tuned


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