Thursday, May 8, 2014

So What If You Did This?

So it's morning, and I'm here finishing my tea and getting ready to get back to work on the boat.  Today I'll try to finish the gores that support the roof purlins and the hoops that will actually support the membrane.  We'll see how that goes.

When this project is done, I intend to publish a streamlined version of the plans, learning from our mistakes, that you can do yourself.  It'll be free (though I'll happily accept contributions), simple, and straightforward.

So what if you did this?  What if you sold some of your stuff, raised a few hundred dollars, and built one of these things?  What if you crashed your living expenses--no mortgage, no utilities, no rent, no land taxes--and freed yourself from this machine that seems to want all of us to live as serfs?  What if you joined me on the Chesapeake, or in the Maritimes, on the Danube or the Seine, in the Pacific NW or the bays of NW Florida, rafting together with us and others like us.  What if we could build a community living gently on the earth, freed of the demands of consumerism and scarcity, with our only obligations being to one another and to our dreams and passions?  What then?

What could we create?

Back to it.


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