Thursday, May 1, 2014

Between rains

Surprising amount done today, in between rainstorms.  I'm a happy...if somewhat sore...camper

First of all we began installing the crossmembers that will connect the kingposts to the side walls and support the loft.

Then the aft Kingpost goes can see how the weather varies wildly throughout the day.

Then the fore and aft stringers connect the kingposts

You can see from the above that the warped wood continues to be a problem.  Nothing for it but to brute force it into place, run in some screws, and hope for the best.

Do yourself a favor when you cut this stuff : LABEL IT, if only simply.  KP here is, of course, King Post, but being only 1 1/2" shorter than a regular 10' plank, it would be easy to get them confused.

Here's all four of the kingpost sets in place, along with the fore and aft beams and some of the supports for the loft.

'Nother angle.  I'm hoping these aren't too confusing.  They'll make more sense as we put the skin on over the next week.

I also managed to get the first coat of oil finish on the countertop, so all in all, it was a pretty successful day.  Tomorrow promises to be fair, though I have to go in to work in the evening, and work most of the weekend.  Still, it's happening

Stay tuned.


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