Saturday, May 31, 2014

Back At it

Well, we got the wiring done today....well most of it anyway:  The 110 is done and most of the 12V lines are run, but will have to wait till I mount those navigation lights.  Still, very productive day.  We also finished mounting the vent and chimney for the hearth and painted most of the ceiling on the lower deck.

We color coded the 110 and 12V lines, just to make sure we didn't make some kind of hideous mistake now or down the road.  The orange is 12V, the green is 110 AC from the inverter.
So the Galley outlets are in.....

As are those for the media center in the loft.  You can see the galley hearth down below.

We also measured and laid out the tile and side rails for the hearth.  These will get mudded in tomorrow.
I really gotta keep a cleaner workspace.  This is a high shot of the hearth, covered in tools and crap. .....Sigh.....working on it.

We also did some rough layout on the Japanese style bath and the head, making sure we had our measures right.

So tomorrow, final wiring, medallions and trim for the stern, beginning the panels and interior walls for the head and bath....lots to do, but lots done

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