Thursday, May 29, 2014

Galley Approaches Functionality (film at 11)

Lots of followup today on stuff we started yesterday.  We finished putting the stain on the interior rafters.  The panels between will be painted white, which should make the place light and give it a nice sort of Tudor-y look.

We also continued with the galley, setting the hearth permanently in place and locking in the corrugated iron surround.

Then we began the work of installing the vent hood....actually the former top of our beloved Chargriller grill.  We installed two cross beams, stained them to match the rest of the crossmembers, and then lofted the hood into place.

Yeah, it's really really black......

Beneath it, we attached the iron and stainless pot rack, that will double both as storage and as support for pots over the fire.  This all went in a LOT more easily than I'd anticipated.  I also got the thimble for the 3" vent installed, but putting the actual chimney in is gonna have to wait for the rain to stop.

All that being done, I built the structure that will hold up the sink and counter and got them in.

The galley is turning into a really comfortable layout.  Here's the sink in place...
It's just tagged into the countertop with self tapping sheet metal screws and then siliconed into place.

And here's with the pump in place, threaded on, and screwed down.
On the whole, we're really pleased with this.

Tomorrow won't be a work day.  Tomorrow, I venture to Dover to get a hull number assigned for the boat and to register the vessel.  Sunday, I hope to finish the galley (shelves, doors, and backsplash) and  get both the 12V and 110V wiring roughed in.

We're looking at about two weeks to the water.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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