Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things falling into place

....and I can tell we're getting there because I'm starting to deal with a lot of the little niggly bits.  Today was a window day, creating frames for the acrylic windows...

The windows are simple, framed from glued and stapled 2x2, glazed with lexan panels
So first you lay them out
Then you paint them.  And after drilling, silicone caulking, and screwing the all too delicate (at least until it's mounted) plastic in place....
You mount the hinge....only to discover that due to wood warpage, accumulated error, your lousy carpentry, the wind being from the SW, and probably the cat, you have to take a surform plane to the window sill to make it close.  This process will be repeated over and over for each window....especially the planing part.

But they're in, and they work.  Ill add some trim to make them pretty later...
I've left the protective paper on the outside and it'll probably stay there until after the move.  No sense inviting trouble from passing branches, etc.

The acrylic, here in the forward deadlight, is astonishingly clear....far more so seemingly than glass, but from an angle you can see every point in the framing where there is stress by flexing in the glazing.

We've had some REALLY heavy showers lately, and I'm pleased to report that the membrane and frame are holding the water out.  The only thing I didn't anticipate was that the small flat section of the roof would act as a rain cache, holding a couple of gallons suspended in the membrane.  

I've done a temporary fix with some lathing to keep the membrane better supported at center (If I hadn't decided to expand the width, there would be no problem), which I'll make permanent and pretty tomorrow.  For tonight, more rain....sigh.  

But we're definitely getting there.  I felt confident enough today to contact the mover with photos and to try to set up a date to get this beast to water.

Tomorrow, more windows, more wood, more trim, first attempts at the cabinets, more aspirin......


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