Sunday, May 18, 2014

Looking More Boatlike

Spent today painting and installing trim, battens, and cutting and painting medallions for the fore and aft of the roof.

We had the presence of mind to prepaint all of the trim pieces.

We spent quite a bit of time cutting the medallions and the trim pieces on the bladerunner.  No, they aren't paying me, but I am really impressed with the tool. The circles for the medallions took me all of about 40 seconds each to cut.

Seriously, I was kinda daunted by the idea of cutting all these circles, but the bladerunner unit made is astonishingly easy once I learned how to use the tool propery.  The remaining wood after cutting the circles will be used to reinforce the portholes since it's already a 6 3/8 '' circle.
We screwed on the battenboards and trimmed the roof material port and starboard.
The boat is starting to show its actual shape, and we're excited.
Tomorrow, glazing and tidying up the fore and aft parts of the deck house.
Tonight we also tested our amazing Kirkman lanterns.
We were so impressed by the rather large amount of light that we went online and ordered two more......hmmm....we went on the internet to order more oil lamps.  There's something wonderfully odd about that that :)

More tomorrow.


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