Sunday, May 10, 2015

Absolute Proof of the Middle River Monster

Middle of the night and SPLASH/THWAP against the pontoons and the boat actually moves a bit.  We rush out onto the stern to see water boiling under first one boathull, then another.  Something really big moving in our little river, stirring the murky waters.

Now, mind you, they try to tell us its just large carp spawning, but that's what they WANT us to believe,  We know better.  We know a large, possible crazed beast is lurking just beneath the waters of our marina, visible only by those in the know and, strangely, after consumption of an indeterminate amount of alcohol.  For those of you who doubt:

There!  SEE?!  Clear as day.  The Middle River Monster.  Glad we could clear this up.

Happy we could provide you all with definitive proof.  I should tell Tom, the marina owner, he can now advertise the place as the "Home of the Middle River Monster."  Probably be a great selling point.  What's that?  Another Rum and Coke?   Don't mind if I do.

Stay tuned


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