Friday, May 29, 2015

Finally Dealing With Tides

Okay, so if you've been following this blog, you'll know that one of the things we deal with is the sometimes six foot variance of tides here along the Middle River.  In winter, there was one day where the deck of Floating Empire was a full seven feet below the dock, which made getting off the boat somewhat problematic....

....okay, impossible.  It made it freaking impossible, okay?  We had to call Tom, the owner, and ask them to bring us some water as we were sitting on the damn mud and couldn't even pump up water to filter, but I digress.

Over the last couple of months we've puzzled over some way to make this easier.  This was made more urgent when Morgainne took a rather nasty spill getting onto the dock.  She didn't splash, but the bruising was magnificent.  Thus, today we finally bit the bullet and I built a small staircase on the starboard side of the bow.

Not done yet, but you get the idea.
It's pretty simple:  We used precut, pressure treated stringers upside down (which makes for a steep but space saving set of steps) and 1" X 8" for the treads.  (They're only about a foot across).  I dog eared the edges to keep us klutzes from snagging on them.  It makes getting on and off the vessel a LOT easier, especially after I added a handrail.  Already we're using it, and I'm amazed I didn't do it sooner,  So, tomorrow, paint and stain and prettification.

Just thought we'd pass it along.

Lots of stuff to add to the blog, so stay tuned


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