Sunday, December 6, 2015

Last Harvest of the Season

The frosts of the last few nights have put, finally, and end to our little container garden here at the marina.  Our peppers are long done, along with the ground cherries.  We've gotten an astonishing amount of food off these little garden plants over the summer and fall.

Last of the amazing Mexico Midgets.
Particularly our heroic little Mexico Midget plant (a heritage variety of small tomato that I highly recommend) is finally done for the season.  The thing has produced--and heavily--its little flavor-filled tomato bombs all summer.  Two of these things and you could damn near run a farm stand, no fooling.

Yum.  Rhubarb.

We cut down the last of our Rhubarb, destined for a crumble dessert tonight.  In the next few days, we'll be digging up the sun choke rhizomes, probably a bunch of them as prolific as that sunflower tends to be.

This has been, along with foraging crab apples and wild raspberries, a wonderful addition to our culinary efforts.  

We're already scheming for spring.


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