Monday, March 28, 2016


Well, there's good news and bad news.  The good news is our renovation and prep for spring  progress continues (and thanks to all of you who bought my new book, the money is really helping with the renovation.  If you haven't, please consider picking one up, even the Kindle edition helps).

We got the exterior Portside of the boat painted yesterday before the weather ceased cooperating.  Hope to do the Starboard side this afternoon.

We also got our Puddleduck painted. . . .
. . . .and back in the water, a sure sign of summer coming.
We also put a dent in upholstery for our new settee, sewing and attaching the back padding to one of the backrests.

Nice, hunh?  Unfortunately no one told us. . . .

. . . .that this would be easier BEFORE we put the settee together.  Sigh.
But Sunday was made difficult by iffy weather, insane drivers (including one guy in a van ahead of us that was literally so hammered that he was veering into oncoming traffic) and the fact that our kerosene stove exploded. . .

Yeah, exploded.  I've no freaking idea how an unpressurized kero stove explodes, but we wound up using the fire extinguisher.

I have no idea at all what went wrong.
More later on this.  The Butterfly stove has been rock solid dependable for over a year.  Something is seriously amiss and we'll be reporting on it as soon as we figure it out.

But for right now, it's laundry, and then, hopefully, the afternoon will dry off and we'll be able to do some painting.

Stay tuned.

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