Thursday, March 10, 2016

Stuff Continues/Prepping for the Spring

The weather is gorgeous here this week:  clear and with temps in the 70's.   With any luck this means the winter of '15/'16 is over and done with.  Such weather improvements mean three things:  A lot of cooking out, prepping the puddle duck for the water, and goofing off.

High on the agenda was fixing the gouge "Dharma Duck" took when we pulled her.
The work on the boat continues, though most of the stuff I've been doing this week is rather difficult to photograph.  I've had to move a bunch of the wiring to prep for the rebuild of the galley.

Shifting wires around is always a knuckle-banger.
We took time to clean up the construction detritus and hang a bit of masking over the bare insulation forward, trying to make the space presentable and pleasant until we start the next phase, which will be the galley re-do.

prettier than looking at bare foam, anyway.
And there was still time to grill a whole shad, which are running right now, and have a wonderful dinner and then a great pasta dish from what remained the following night

Shad Alfredo...Oh yes.
....not to mention taking time out to work on my getting my new book to print.

....but its SPRING here folks!  Finally!

Much more later.



  1. How about that recipe for shad? We get a run here in Oregon on the Columbia and I'm itching to go this year. I would love a way to prepare them.

  2. Jarm, the wife put a recipe for both the shad and the subsequent leftover meals over at Life, Art, Water:

    1. Parenthetically, this is the best recipe for shad we've run into short of smoking the thing for a day or so. Re-making it for friends over the weekend.