Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Building Floating EmpireII: Tesla's Revenge

Okay, this is exciting.  We're preparing to build a new, and improved version of our beloved paddlewheel shantyboat, Floating Empire.

For those of you not familiar, the Floating Empire was (and is) a great project:  An electrically driven, off-grid, livaboard paddlewheel shantyboat built with common handtools and out of salvaged and repurposed materials was an idea first conceived in the "Bypassed Technologies" group of Grindlebone Arts, and at once caught people's imaginations.  In a world of rising waters and skyrocketing living costs, the idea of a floating Steampunk tinyhome that could be built by anyone was a  popular idea.  After a year long bout of research and design, work on the boat started in March of 2014 and the boat finally splashed in Middle River off the Chesapeake Bay in early June of that year.
The Floating Empire, just days after launch.
Over the course of the next three years, the vessel served as a living laboratory for tools, techniques, and life on the water.  Through this blog, the full range of vessel construction, ideas, revisions, repairs, product reviews, and experiences were chronologed for tens of thousands of viewers.  It has been, all in all, a great experiment, and a wonderful journey.

But we're not done yet.

The final phase of the project is to apply the lessons we've learned over the last three years of living full time on the water.  Tesla's Revenge will be a floating tinyhome, an off-grid, mobile, electrically driven paddlewheel  livaboard shantyboat, designed to be built of common, inexpensive materials with basic handtools by pretty much anyone.  It will be intended to serve as a safe and snug home for an individual or couple, a fine place to live as well as a vehicle for adventure, experiences, and art.  Every phase of construction and use will be detailed online, free for anyone to use, an open source of information and ideas.

Here's the original launch of the original Floating Empire if you'd like to see her:

On January 21, 2017 we'll be starting an indegogo fundraising campaign to help build the new boat, with some wonderful arts perks from Grindlebone Arts (source of the Center for Bypassed Technologies).  I'll put a link on here.  We're excited.

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