Friday, August 15, 2014

I'mmmmm Bailing awayyyyyyyy


The recent, record breaking, car flooding, road collapsing torrential rains left us with high tides, muddy water, and a pretty good idea of anywhere that the boat leaks.....

....fortunately the hull isn't one of them.  We still have a few things in some of the windows to address, though.

 The water was higher than we've seen it, and became this bizarre amber color as silt washed into the Middle River.
 Note how down at the stern the Marina's work boat is.  We wound up going out in the rain and bailing her a bit, just to keep the motor from going under.  One more reason why marinas NEED livaboards.
 Our intex dinghy, however, has no cover, and picked up nearly a foot of water....(yeah, I know, ugly bathing suit.. . . .what can I say, it turned up in my laundry one day)
So while I'm bailing, Im know, on a hot day, this would feel pretty good.  So maybe the next heatwave, we festoon the boat with a sunshade and fill it with fresh water and a couple of Painkillers, what do you say?

More shortly,


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