Friday, September 5, 2014


Or:  When things really come together.

Labor Day at Middle River Landing, and Morgainne and I are cooking a massive amount of ribs, burgers, and hot dogs to go along with the potluck brought by the other Slipholders.  Thought you'd like to see some pix.
 Meat Maven Morgainne
 If you'd like the recipe for our middle river rub, and how do do a tasty rack of tender beef ribs, head on over to our cooking blog at
 One of the great joys of this part of MD is all the fresh produce.  The corn was literally picked the morning of the event.
 And then you get to have a corn shucking party.  We generally just put the corn directly on the grill, giving the kernals a little bit of color and caramelization.
 And, as the crowd gathers and the band sets up. . . . .
When you ask over a hundred folks to "please bring a side or something" and they all do, you'd better be ready for the result.

This is a real illustration of how a well-run marina becomes a community.  There were 25 racks of beef ribs, there was potato salads and macaroni salads and lettuce salads and tomato salads and a full bushel of corn picked that morning at a local farm.  The band, “Over the Edge”, was amazingly good.  Two kegs, lots of wine and soda. . . . .games, food, more games, more music, excessive amounts of more food. . . .

And above all, some very nice folks who share an interest in the water.

Why we live here.  Happy Labor Day.


For some of the food formulas, check out our small kitchen cooking blog over at Onboard Cooking, and have a look at Morgainne's arts blog at Life, Art, Water.  You'll be glad you did.

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