Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Last Days of Summer

So crossing the vernal equinox into fall, we went into a bit of a flurry of activity, getting some stuff ready for winter and getting the boat all squared away.  We paid a visit to our storage and managed to get Morgainne's drafting table out and installed aft.
It took her all of about six seconds to start using the work space.
We also completed the rewiring.  It is perhaps typical with these things that we managed to wire outlets to everywhere we WEREN'T going to wind up using them.  I've added another outlet to the loft for reading lamps and another to the dining area for charging the computer at the dining table, etc.
So, among other things, now our media loft now, set for movie nights on cold winter evenings.
It, of course, wasn't all work.  We went out on this beautiful day to Hart-Miller island with friends.
we even conned Jamie into scrubbing the bottom of the hull.
Even Hailey, the adorable bulldog, got on her vest and went for a swim.  I think the dog is part duck.
I swear I think you could use this dog's tongue for a mizzen.
In the evening, we helped take the Ketch Storyteller to another marine lift to have her hull cleaned and painted.
The sunsets this time of year are spectacular.
Enjoy the fall, guys.
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