Friday, June 26, 2015

Lots of Minor Improvements

With lovely warm weather, we've managed to get done a lot of things to which we'd been meaning to attend.  We recaulked areas around our sink that were leaking a bit, managed to get a coat of paint on our new stairs (as a note, treated wood is often pretty wet.  You may want to let it dry out outside for a few weeks before painting). . . .

Tell me again why we didn't paint this BEFORE we assembled the steps?
. . . .and corrected a design flaw by putting in a drip edge over the front door.

The rainshed drops 3/4" from aft to fore

It's amazing how much this has helped with the drippage factor already
When we built the Floating Empire originally, Ob Cit, we were running out of time.  I slapped together the odd-sized front door (roughly 19" X 6'), screwed a sheet of acrylic glazing to the back, threw on a lot of silicone sealant, and hoped for the best.

Well, it wasn't the best.  The thing leaked and was beginning to crack around the screw holes.  It also provided ZERO ventilation without the door being open, and the flies were getting daunting.  So over the last day or so I rebuilt the thing, making a custom screen to fit, putting in some 3/4" square dowel stops for it, and then cutting and framing inset lexan glazing for the top and bottom.  The top is removable, which gives us LOTS of nice breeze in summer, sans bugs.

In progress.  You get the idea.
Like so many things one dreads taking on, it took all of a few hours and is now done and ever so much more functional.

Sigh.  Do it right the first time.

More stuff shortly.
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