Monday, June 1, 2015

Sneaking Up on One Year

June 14, 2015, will be a momentus day for us.  That will be exactly one year to the day from the moment Floating Empire first hit the water.

We're planning on a fairly elaborate post, summarizing the project over it's first year, and we had a question:  What would you like to see in that summary?  What questions do you have that we might not have addressed?  What things would you like to know?

Please leave us ideas, questions, and topics in the comments section below.  We promise to read and consider all of them.

A year.  .  .  .  Who'd have thought?



  1. Here's a short list of the things I can think of:
    Basic plans for the FE
    Floor plan changes (before and after a year).
    Things bought to make life easier that didn't stick around.
    Things you would have done different if starting over.

    I can't think of a lot of things since your updates to the FE have been pretty consistent and well documented. I've enjoyed reading this blog for the last year (really? Has it been so long!?).

    1. Yeah, we're both rather having the same reaction. It seems like yesterday we took to the water. I also seems like decades ago. Some good ideas, Jarm, thanks