Friday, October 30, 2015

It kind of never ends. . . .

One of the features of living aboard an experimental, lightly built, hand made vessel is that the round of renovations/corrections/additions never seems to stop.  I was thinking about this today and yesterday while I crafted a new stern doorway for Floating Empire.

Here's the old stern doorway in the process of being rebuilt.

While we've lived aboard, we have:  Added floatation to the bow and amidships, added numerous LED lights to the interior of the vessel, added a shower with it's own pump, added a refrigerator, added shelving to five areas of the boat, put in three floor hatches, painted, re-painted (soon to be re-re-painted), did a decorative covering on the floor of the loft, added insulation, replaced the glazing on the forward doorway with a removable window and screen, added two 110 volt outlets, installed the TV, cleaned the barrels of the hull, built a sailing dinghy, built a stand for the water filter. . . .the list goes on and on.  Yesterday and today, we've been rebuilding and weatherstripping the gonzo doorway we added to the stern of the boat after we launched.

Note the stern before we launched?  Note that there IS NO HATCHWAY onto the stern of the vessel?
When the drive failed at launch, I literally had to kick out one edge of the tuftex to get out there.
The point is, when you own and build your own, be it a home or a trailer or a boat, it's an ongoing project, not a thing that remains static until you dispose of it.  It's a living beast, and it becomes a part of your life, of who you are. . . 

New stern door, roughed into place with film still over the glazing.

Lucky Morgainne got to do the painting :)

The mostly finished doorway.  Wow is that Optix acrylic glazing clear.  
Right now, what I am is a bit sore and covered in caulk. . . .time for a libation I think, don't you?

We have just crossed 20,000 views.  Thanks so much for coming on this voyage with us.  More to come.


Hey, Morgainne just posted some of her wonderful handmade books over on Life, Art, Water, go check em out.

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