Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Stir Crazies

So after days and days and days of rain and the threat of a major hurricane, we finally, FINALLY get a pretty day.  Mild temperatures, sunshine, and chance to get off the boat for a bit.  Oh, yes.

Of course, there was a bit of chores to be done, including half a ton of laundry, work on the car, and, of course, bailing out the Puddle duck, whose gonzo tarp cover proved to be not up to the task of days and days of heavy rain.
Yep, it's full of water…...

But after messing with a bit of that, we finally got the chance to get out and about.  One of our favorite spots here in the Northern Chesapeake is Marshy Point nature center, so we took a bit of a drive and went for a hike on the mercifully dry trails.

The colors are going to be amazing this year.

The trees are just starting to turn, and the view from the walkway over the creek is spectacular any direction you face.  It's just another reminder of why we love this place so much.

Even this close to the city, nature can be stunning.
So we hiked for a bit, then returned to a surprise dinner with friends with crab and chicken and good company.  Tomorrow should also be lovely, and the little puddle duck will get back under sail if I have my way.

Enjoy, folks.  It's gonna be a beautiful fall.



  1. Huzzah, you've gotten your first post, I believe. Nice pictography. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Hehehe, RC, you might click on :previous posts to go back and see the other 190, but thank you.