Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Break in the Weather

Finally, we get a respite from rain and bizarrely late snow and can get some work done.  Spent the day working on the stringers that will carry the 1" pipe that holds the barrels in place.  These are 2"X6" treated wood, and each had to be drilled with four 1 1/2" holes to fit the pipe.
 We used a foamcore template to mark the drill locations, which saves a great deal of time.

If you do this, drilling 40+ holes in slightly damp 2" X 6", do yourself a favor:  Get a real drill,  something in the 6-8 amp range.  That orange thing you got at the discount store isn't gonna cut it.  As it is, I may still be vibrating this time next week.

Here's a stack of the drilled stringers and the poly barrels that will go under them.  We used a short piece of pipe to make sure things would line up.  No sense trying to manhandle 10" sections of pipe just to do an assessment.

Next up, assuming the weather holds, we'll be screwing the stringers between the two 30'  2" X 8" sections that make up the sides of the barge and sliding the pipes into place.  More later.

Progress.....finally.  At the moment, I need a bath and a glass of wine.

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