Tuesday, April 22, 2014

sigh....rain rain rain

Today was somewhat disrupted.  I did manage to get to my local big box hardware store (and my part time employer) and buy about 80% of the remaining wood we'll need for the project.  Ill rent their truck and pick that up tomorrow AM.  Also tomorrow, I may actually have some help, which would be nice.

Box lumber stores like Lowes and Home Depot often rent trucks for a very low hourly fee ( $20 or so for 90 min) which can make your life a LOT easier in these projects.  Keep that in mind.

As for today, I've spent it doing sketches and figuring out sequences of build for the next couple of days.  We have about a month to finish the boat and get it to the water.


Hi to all you folks from The Steampunk Empire and Shantyboat Living.  Glad to have you visiting.  I've opened the comments section to everyone (takes about a day for them to post tho) so please give us your thoughts and ideas.


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