Tuesday, April 29, 2014


...that and dodging rainstorms.

Sorry I've been a bit lax getting to these.  Worked Sunday and then monday had to go out to Cumberland on an art mission.  We did, however, get a bit of work done before the monsoons hit.

The roofline of the boat is held in place by a series of kingposts supporting not only the roof stringers but also the midline of the loft.

Here's the forward kingpost set being laid out.

Raising them was somewhat facilitated by getting more of the floor panels painted and in place, reducing the possibility of

Here's the forward kingpost in place.

The warped wood continues to be a challenge.  Assembling the aft kinpost set was a wrestling match.

Twist-o-rama.  See what I mean.  But we finally screwed and glued it into submission.

Here's a long shot.

Next, the two center sets will go up, followed by the plywood gores that shape  the Vardo roofline.  Then the skin....but first, of course, we have to wait for the friggin' rain....bleah.

So today, in the interim, I'll be working on the galley counter, sink, and pump setup.  Will post more on that later today.  Stay dry, folks.


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