Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hi folks,
A lot of things have happened on Floating Empire over the last few days, including work on the floatation, some new cooking stuff, and the installation of our refrigeration.....

Unfortunately we're having some tethering problems getting online.

I have lots of pix and video and cooking stuff and small animals and flexi the pocket monkeys and spanish moss and wise gerbils and stuff to post....

But the bandwidth just isn't there tonight.

So please bear with us.  tomorrow (Sunday) we shall venture to the public library and upload all of this exceptional and inspiring material which will probably include the secret of life (okay, 42), winning lottery ticket numbers, the secret to getting that special job and seducing that special person and, of course, chocolate.....

....oh, yessssss chocolate.
But for tonight, I can't make things upload except for this pathetic text.  Stop in in the evening tomorrow to be edified and enlightened, excited and educated, and to have your excitement expedited.

....promise :)


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