Friday, July 11, 2014

Art and the snake farm...

So two projects today in my rather short post.  The first:  I finally tore into and sorted out our battery wiring.  We had two problems:  First, we were pulling power off the end of the parallel chain of batteries, not off the center as was recommended, and, second, we had a ton of unused wiring from the original drive system, relays we wound up not using, inadequate power leads to the rear get the picture.

So, equipping myself with crimper and wire cutters and pliers and socket sets and bandaids, I squatted down on a milking stool and started trying to make orderly chaos out of chaotic chaos, so to speak, taking out all the unused wiring, making things more compact, and wiring the charging lines from the solar controller and the output lines to the inverter into the center of the stack where they belonged.

It may not look it, but trust me, it's a huge improvement.

While I was at this, Morgainne was continuing with her embellishment of the deckhouse.

Cool, hunh?

We progress.

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Stay tuned.


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