Monday, July 21, 2014

The secret to living large is.....


I know, I wouldn't have believed it either, but that seems to be it.  Not money, not position, not location or fame or seems to be mostly a matter of having your own time at your own disposal.  When we were both working, we very much didn't have that as an option.  When you have no time, you have to settle, you have to eat what's quick (and often what's more expensive) because that's all the time you have.  When you have no time, you have to travel fast, talk fast, live fast, and at the end of the day you find you can't remember what the hell you did all day because it was just the same as yesterday, and none of it....the time, I mean, which is, after all, your life....was yours.

Take a look at this:  This is a simple, robust stew, made from locally sourced ingredients:  local potatoes, local smoked sausage, local carrots and onions, all from local farmstands we bothered to discover.

You may note it's being cooked in a legged dutch oven, cooked slowly, with time to adjust spices.

We topped this off with a dessert of local cantaloupe, wild raspberries that we picked ourselves, and shaved dark chocolate and a glass of Cabernet. Nice, eh?  My point is this:  we had the time to find the farmer's markets, to start the coals, to take our time cooking the stew, to forage the berries.....we had the time at our disposal.

The results were delicious, healthy, and satisfying.


Carpe Diem

Seize the day.

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