Saturday, June 21, 2014

At Home on the Water

Not yet, mind you, but we're getting home I mean.

The whole downsizing thing has been an interesting experience.  Here's the studio in stagedown mode.  We had to do a fairly major amount of triage to figure out what went on the boat and what didn't.

Its little things you don't think of.  We had seeds and grains and pasta in these neat glass containers.
Once on the boat we realized just how much freaking room they took up and how heavy they were.

So into plastic bags they go, and the glass into storage or recycling.  Its amazing how brutal we're having to be in this downsize

But the boat is a gem, far more stable than I'd anticipated, utterly rainproof, and a wonderfully livable space.

Removing the paddlewheel...albeit temporarily....has had the bonus of creating an additional stern porch.  Here is Lady Morgainne and Kallisti, the evil cat, cavorting on the stern next to the new electric drive.

And me sitting in our new intex dinghy.  We went for a bit of a drive today using one of the minn kota electrics that we're using for steering.  Utterly civilized way to travel.  Sedate and silent.

Um, but the cat is still a bit freaked out.  She got out on the stern last night and couldn't figure out how to get back in.........which means I had to get up and drag her in.  Ah well, she'll get it......

 As will we all.......more shortly



  1. OK, I've been following and it has been fun to watch. I also have been following others build their "tiny" home and it's fun to see it done on the water. Question, do you have now, or how will you have internet access on the boat? And as a follow-up, can your solar power & charge all your electronics? David

  2. Hi,
    Most marinas have wifi, which is convenient and surprisingly fast. When on the hook, we use a tethered smart phone to access the web and update our blog. The solar panels are more than enough to charge our electronics, do interior lighting, and provide power for our engines. It has all worked rather better than I'd hoped, though it does make you far more aware of the energy you're using, which is a good thing.