Thursday, June 26, 2014

walls and fires and prepping for the move

Did a lot of stuff today we'd been meaning to clean up to prep for our move to Middle River Landing tomorrow(though if the wind follows forecasts we may wait until early saturday AM instead).  Got the Lowrance GPS/Charplotter/depthfinder thing installed and working....

Nice little if I can just figure out how it unclips from it's base......yeesh.

We also got more of the internal walls installed around the head and bath area.  As per our previous post, these are just matchstick blinds, framed, stapled, and screwed into place.

I really like the look, and it makes for some very pleasant spaces on the boat.

......then we took a siesta.  I know, not thrilling, but this is one of the very first days aboard that weren't absolutely packed with "must do" stuff.  We got up when we wanted, did a bit of work, went shopping, took a nap, made dinner.  All in all much closer to the life we want.

Today we also started messing about with the wood gasifier stove I built.  I'll do a more detailed piece on this later, but we made water for tea for iced for the trip tomorrow.  Thing is pretty amazing.  It burns hot (7 min to boil a kettle of water) on just a couple of handfuls of....well...pretty much anything that will burn.  We were using hardwood pellets from a pellet stove.

The flames are really beautiful, and the thing burns without smoke.

After about 15 minutes of intense flame you get another 10 min or so of cooking level heat, then about another ten at a level that will keep stuff warm.  Throughout the process, you can dribble in more fuel to keep the flame going as long as you like.  I've a feeling we'll be using this a lot.

So, winds cooperating, tomorrow we move.  If not, we'll take a slow, happy day and head out early saturday AM.  Either way, we're looking forward to it.

More later



  1. I like your idea to use blinds for walls. Lightweight, and easily configured to change the living spaces around as needed.

    Please monitor CO levels when operating an unvented stove burning any carbon-based fuel. I have a friend who has never fully recovered mentally from CO poisoning aboard his boat. I don't mean to seem preachy, just concerned.

    Wishing you calm winds for your passage,

    Please be careful to monitor CO

  2. The screen walls seem to be working fine for us. Privacy, but lots of air circulation.

    We're pretty carful about the CO levels....actually the gasifier stoves BURN CO into CO2.....we have a major range hood over the cooking area, and since the Floating Empire is essentially a raft, it has no hull in which CO could collect. Also our seals on the windows leave a lot to be desired :)