Sunday, June 8, 2014

Loooooong couple of days

Well quite a bit of systems progress on the boat, somewhat interrupted by our mega garage sale.

The following is what downsizing looks like :

Artwork and furniture and appliances and more artwork and books and books and books, all dragged out to the lawn and offered up to....well...a pretty indifferent public actually.  Most of this stuff is going to wind up at Goodwill, I fear.  This is what a major downsize looks like.  Some of the other stuff is going into storage.....and will probably sit there for a year or so until we realize we really didn't miss it.

A lot of internal system work got done on the vessel.

We installed hatches through the floor.....these are some great ones with removable lids and seals designed for kayaks that we got from that we can raise and lower the hoses for water uptake and for draining the greywater filters.  We also got to try our greywater lines and the pumps, all of which worked beautifully.

And no this is not a Dalek under construction on the front of the boat (deeeestroy deeee stroy)  Its the center pilot station that will hold the wheel and instruments.  Tomorrow it gets flanked by railing and the rudder actually goes in.

The 100 watt solar panels from also got framed and ready for mounting.  I completed the jumpers for the deep cycle batteries and ran all the lines to get ready for this.  Tomorrow as soon as the rain abates, the solar panels will go in, the drains in the bathing area will go in, the rudder will make it's appearance, and I will fall over.

And, no, the front of my boat looks almost nothing absolutely like resemblence at all..........maybe the deathrays.....

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