Thursday, June 5, 2014


Okay a couple of days of really useful progress.  First of all we got the wiring in, both 110 and 12 V.
Here's one of the deep cycle batteries we're using for a test.....
Here's a trial fitting of the 12 V. Switch pod in the panelling.  It has switches for the nav. lights and instruments, a 12 plug, and a battery meter.  Duckworksmagazine has lots of useful things like this, if you haven't visited them.
Here's the panelling with the box....we haven't fully installed the thing yet, but you can see where it will sit just inside the cabin on the starboard side.

We got a lot of the panelling and trim in you can see the wires for the above box prior to it's installation.

And though it took a couple of tries, we got the composting toilet and urine diverter installed.

long day.....

Tomorrow, we'll finish the bow and rudder fittings, wire in the instruments, and all the galley plumbing....all the while getting ready for a monster yard sale.

Stay tuned...


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