Friday, June 13, 2014

Moving day, the sequel

Okay, this will be a short post tonight.  Sorry folks, but we spent four hours in the rain getting the boat on the trailer, then another three hours in traffic holding our breath following the boat.  At the moment we're on stands at the Baltimore Boat center, waiting for the morning to put our barrels back in place, install the paddlewheel, repair minor damage from the move, and get the boat to water.

Wow are we beat.

Kudos to Turner Marine on the move.  Richard worked his butt off getting us on the trailer, making sure our boat was safe, and getting us to Middle River.

I'll post pix and video in the morning.  For now, Im crashing in our slightly leaning, rather sweaty boat, and recuperating.



  1. Mungo, why is the boat slightly leaning? How's kitty?

  2. It was only leaning because it was sitting unevenly on the stands, awaiting the reattachment of flotation. Once we got in the water, things sat pretty evenly.

    Cat is flaked out after a rather stressful move onto the boat. I'm a bit flaked out myself, taking a gentle day to recover from four days of dawn to dusk work before tying back into all the things we still have to get done.