Saturday, May 17, 2014

A little sad disruption.

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last couple of days.  A friend in the local art community died rather suddenly, and we've been dealing with that.  Gordon Wickes was a talented photographer and a gentle, friendly individual, and will be missed.

That, more fun and games with obtaining a truck for the day, and the rains have rather confused the last few days.  We did get a bit done, though.

We finished the outer paneling on the port and starboard sides, and got a second coat of spar varnish on the ply.

I really love the colors we're getting on the wood, but we've got to get the boat completely sealed in before our inconstant weather ruins stuff.  Most of the window openings are now framed in to size....
...and at least this last time (take note) I was bright enough to get a coat on spar varnish on the luan BEFORE we put it up, saving a lot of time, swearing, and ladder crawling..

So today after about four hours wait, we finally got the truck and what will be our last large load of lumber and supplies.  Tomorrow we'll paint the trim strips, attach them to the deck house, and finally trim back the roof membrane to its actual dimensions, at which point this will look a lot like the finished vessel.  We also picked up the acrylic and tuftex for the windows and have about half of that drilled and cut to size.

So tonight we lift a glass for Gordon.  Tomorrow, back at it.



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