Monday, May 19, 2014

Yet Another Busy Day

Lots done again today.....we're getting there.

First of all we did a touch up on the spar varnish on the sides, especially on trim that was added late in the game.
Then we added the last bit of framing for the window area over the galley.  This was kind of weird and wanky as the design changed midcourse and we had to close the window in a bit.
Then we finally started on the forward dressing for the roofline, installing the medallions and trimming the membrane.  The medallions are both practical and decorative, serving to delineate the roofline and also to help hold the roof membrane in place.  Here's the installation going in prior to trimming the membrane.

I love the kind of scalloped look

 And now, the obligatory long shot.  I think its wonderfully Vardoesque, no?

So tomorrow, more of the trim and the windows go in, and with any luck, we'll do the same on the aft end of the deckhouse as we did on the forward end.

Coming together

Stay tuned.


  1. I'm a bit late to the party, but have long been interested in shantyboats.

    Since there are no side decks, have you considered adding some sort of narrow walkway (2X6 on flat maybe) with a handrail above?

    I expect you would want something like this to fend off objects, handle fenders, etc. when not near the end decks.


  2. We've thought of it, Tom, and may add some later. At the moment, the fore and aft platforms are only 22 feet apart, which should serve us for most occasions. This whole thing is an experiment, and only our use and time will tell us what we need to add and what we could have done away with. Thanks for writing.