Sunday, May 11, 2014


Okay, I'm irrationally excited, but to day was busy, happy, and amazingly productive.

First of all we got the purlins and the barrel arcs that support the roof in place.

 The purlins are 2x4, the barrel staves are only 5mm luan cut to 4" slices, but enough to help shape the roof membrane.  They're held in place by power staples.  I was surprised this worked, but by backing off the air pressure, it was fine.

The purlins are junctioned into joist hangers, but mostly just as an extra set of hands....they screwed from the other side.  The bands are 5mm luan plywood, cut into 4" strips and stapled into place.

Where they meet in the middle, the junction is heavily taped with gaffers tape to prevent chafing with the roof membrane, as well as wear from staples.

Then the roof material, 22MM vinyl with three mesh layers and UV coating originally intended for a sports dome, is pulled into place and nailed with tar paper/roofing nails and left to allow it to stretch.

Obligatory long shot.  I'm really excited.  With the roof on you can see the final outlines of the vessel, and more to the point,  I CAN KEEP WORKING IN THE FREAKING RAIN>

sigh....sorry....its been a long project   :)

But what a lovely day.  Tomorrow: wall panels.

Many, may thanks to Howard Riopelle and Michael Kaiser of IronSmith Design, two of the preeminent metal artists in the US, for their help in raising the roof.  Its rather like having Vaclav Havel and Alan Ginsberg mow your lawn.  Amazing...thanks guys.

Tomorrow, the wall panels.  It happens quickly from now on in.


COMMENT damn your eyes.  I wanna know what people think of this thing.


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