Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Pace Picks up

So today, despite the mist, we got the front panels on the boat and secured the floor of the media loft.
I spent much of the afternoon taking measurements and viewing websites to determine exactly what I'll need for the next phase in this thing, which will be the windows.  So tomorrow, I'm back a-shopping for glazing and molding and hope to get at least some of the deadlights done (deadlight being a window that doesn't open).

We've made a minor change of plans and will be essentially covering the entire aft end of the deckhouse with tuftex (plastic clear roofing by Ondura).  I realized the area will be bathed continuously in salt water by the sternwheel, and that plywood would pay a heavy price there unless either epoxied or constantly repainted.

Sorry not a lot of pix today, today being a lot of skull work, but stay tuned.  Windows tomorrow with any fortune.

But, hey, I DID find the camera :)


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