Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rain but Progress

Despite showers midday, we actually got some fairly important work done.  While bottled up inside, we continued with packing and cleaning and so forth, but as soon as the rain broke and things dried out a bit, I managed to attack getting the roof gores ready and up.

First the midship gores had to be trimmed (okay, so I mismeasured) and the hangers attached.  These joist hangers will hold the roof stringers in place until they can be screwed in more permanently.  I've come to appreciate the things as a second pair of hands.

Here's one of the midship gores ready to go up.

 And here they are in place.  Its interesting how, with each new panel, the structure feels more and more solid.

Here's the center gores in place.  You can begin to see the shape of the roofline.

And the obligatory long shot :
So tomorrow the remaining gores will go into place, along with the arches that will help support the membrane.  Saturday is roofing day.  Keep your fingers crossed for weather, helpers, and that I've measured things at least marginally correctly.


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