Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And the Walls Go UP

Another day of amazing progress and astonishing soreness....probably not to be compared to what I'll experience in the morning, but hey, we got a great deal done.

I apologize in advance for the paucity of pix today.  I was working on my own and can't seem to find the camera anywhere.  So what you get is some cell phone shots.  Hopefully we'll remedy this tomorrow.

The weather fact was gorgeous for a change.....and we got the luan plywood up on the port and starboard sides, all stapled and glued into position.

 Here's from the inside.  The membrane for the roof won't be trimmed back until we do the trim molding on the outside.  We wanted to give it a little chance to stretch out.

So after nearly killing myself getting this in place, everything got a coat of spar varnish.  Tomorrow, weather cooperating, I'll get the fore and aft pieces in place and varnished, and put the flooring plug in the electronics loft, since we determined putting a full futon up there would take up way too much room.

Anybody seen my camera?

It's coming together, folks

Stay tuned


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