Sunday, May 25, 2014

and it locks.....

Lots more progress today.  Today we got all of the windows installed and hinged.  Here's the one for the sleeping loft.

There's no trim on these, and we won't remove the protective film until all our exterior work is done.

The floor to ceiling windows in the studio have great light.  At night, they have this wonderful sort of art deco look.

The biggest challenge today was the door.  May I say parenthetically that I HATE hanging doors.  It always seems to be an experiment sanding, chisling, coaxing, cursing, lather, rinse, repeat.....
With all the warped wood in this contraption, getting a door to strike evenly is something between a miracle and a marathon

 Still, after much abusing of the door jamb, we managed to get the lockplate installed and to get the thing to close decently.

 So the boat is finally sealed in, with a locking front door, closing windows, and a surprising amount of security.

Tomorrow, the insulation, the steel for around the hearth, and more trim.

Stay tuned.


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