Saturday, May 24, 2014

Doors and windows and walls

We are very near, now, to having the deck house fully enclosed.  A good part of today was spent creating the bow doorway, staining and varnishing the wood, cutting the acrylic to cover it, building the aft topside get the idea.

We also mounted all the tuftex for the floor to ceiling windows in the aft studio.  This is amazing inside, and at night, it has a lovely kind of art deco-y quality.

Its a wonderful material with which to work.  I ssee now why Deek at loves the stuff so.
We also did some prep to disassemble our wonderful old chargiller grill.  Seriously, if you love cooking over charcoal, get one of these things.  This one has been sitting here, used on very nearly a weekly basis, for over nine years now.  But it's doomed.  The lid with chimney is destined to become the hood and chimney for our hearth on the boat.  Looking forward to many more wonderful meals from the thing.
In the middle of everything, we got this amazing rainbow.  I sincerely hope it's an omen.

Tomorrow, the windows get finished and we begin with the insulation and hearth.

Things happen faster now.  Keep touch, and please comment.


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